Are you using AI in your marketing?

Here are 10 Ways That Marketing Reddit is Using AI Right Now

In a recent Reddit thread, marketers and content creators shared their experiences using AI tools in their marketing efforts. From generating content to optimizing copy and brainstorming ideas, AI has become integral to many marketers’ toolkits. Let’s take a closer look at some of the AI tools mentioned and how they are used in marketing.


Many commenters highlighted the use of GPT4, a generative AI language model. It is used for marketing tasks such as writing content, optimizing website copy, and generating blog posts. GPT4 provides a solid foundation for writing and can be easily edited and refined by users.


While not explicitly mentioned in the comments, Surfer is an AI tool that some marketers have experimented with. It helps optimize website copy and improve content performance by analyzing data and providing recommendations.


Another tool mentioned in the initial post, Jasper, is an AI tool marketers have also experimented with. Commenters did not provide exact applications, but it offers similar capabilities as GPT4 and Surfer.


One widely-used AI tool is ChatGPT. Marketers rely on it to generate content ideas, write copy, and provide a starting point for blog posts or product messaging. The output generated by ChatGPT is often edited and refined by users to fit their specific marketing goals.


Interestingly, one commenter mentioned using Google for having conversations, referring to utilizing Google’s AI-powered Bard for customer interactions, providing personalized marketing experiences.

AI for Brainstorming

Many marketers find AI tools like ChatGPT helpful for generating ideas, topics, and content suggestions. Overcoming writer’s block and initiating the creative process are some benefits they experience.


Midjourney is an AI tool that generates visuals based on provided prompts and specifications for marketers looking to create visuals and images. Marketers can save time and explore new creative possibilities using this tool.

Adobe’s AI Tools

Some marketers have explored AI-generated voice and AI-generated art and utilized AI in graphic design with Adobe’s AI-powered tools. These tools streamline processes, add new dimensions to creative work, and automate repetitive tasks.


While not a dedicated AI marketing tool, one commenter mentioned replacing Grammarly with ChatGPT for grammar and content writing. This method suggests using ChatGPT for the foundation of content creation and leveraging Grammarly for improvements.

Other Miscellaneous Uses

The Reddit thread also mentioned other miscellaneous uses of AI in marketing. These include fast HTML code generation, creating product FAQ pages and schema, generating webinar promotion emails, creating summaries of meetings, developing Excel formulas, and finding inspiration for writing projects.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of AI tools may vary based on individual needs and use cases. These insights from the Reddit thread serve as a starting point for marketers to explore the possibilities of AI in their marketing strategies.

By leveraging AI tools, marketers can streamline processes, enhance creativity, and improve the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. So, are you using AI in your marketing? If not, now might be the perfect time to explore AI’s exciting possibilities.

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