Are you using currently using AdWords? Or did you try paid search once and fail to see ROI, have a bad experience with an agency, or simply dismissed it as passe?

If you aren’t using paid search, or haven’t considered giving it a second shot, you’re missing out on a huge revenue source. Paid search still has a place in today’s world of programmatic and social advertising. there’s a reason that Amazon spends nearly $200m per year in AdWords alone.

What continues to keep paid search relevant? Intent. There hasn’t yet been another channel that harnesses customer intent quite like paid search.

The ability to target by actual user search queries allows you access to customers in the middle of their buying journey. We urge our clients to at least dip their toe in the waters of Google and Bing.

Because Google reigns supreme, many clients are surprised when we also recommend Bing Ads. “Who uses Bing these days?” is a typical response. Clients who are willing to give Bing a try are often pleasantly surprised by lower costs and better conversion rates.

Don’t discount something just because a certain type of marketing or advertising isn’t in vogue or relies on a channel you don’t use personally. That line of thinking is a quick way to fall into a rut and close yourself off to potential wells of profit.

Want to learn more about how you can use paid search to harness customer intent for your business? Get in touch with us today.