Entry Level Employees Need Training

One of the struggles when working for an in-house marketing department is deciding whether to outsource work to a third party or bring someone on internally that can handle the responsibilities. Maybe hiring an experienced employee in’t in your budget. You could bring on someone completely green at entry level who will require time and training to provide value to your team.

There are many opportunities for them to learn marketing and advertising skills online, although they can be expensive and out of date. Sure, there are some web courses that can teach you the mechanics of SEO or how to run an AdWords campaign that sound good in theory. You can send employees to conferences, whose costs add up fast.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have someone experienced on call to answer questions and help guide your employees?

There are coaches and consultants in other areas of business. A sales director brings on a coach to improve their team’s performance. A CEO has a board of directors that lends its expertise and insight to important decisions. Marketing is no different.

You can have that by bringing in someone to train your team in certain aspects like e-mail marketing, AdWords management, getting up to speed with the latest developments in Facebook Ads. These are all areas we can help with by offering in-depth training and coaching for your employees as well as on hand support.