How to Promote Yourself as a Keynote Speaker

With more conferences and events than ever before, the need for professional speaking has increased significantly over the past decade. Additionally, the web and social media makes it easier for speakers to promote themselves. Regardless of where you’re at in your speaking career, an ambitious newcomer or a wizened vet […]

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Advertising Metrics vs. Real-World Business Outcomes

I recently had a conversation with someone who thinks one of the biggest issues confronting marketers is losing sight of how advertising and marketing affects real-world- business goals. I tend to agree. As someone who enjoys the ins and outs of platforms, analysis, and data, it’s very easy to get […]

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Entry Level Employees Need Better Training

One of the struggles when working for an in-house marketing department is deciding whether to outsource work to a third party or bring someone on internally that can handle the responsibilities. Maybe hiring an experienced employee in’t in your budget. You could bring on someone completely green at entry level […]

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The Continued Relevance of Paid Search

Are you using currently using AdWords? Or did you try paid search once and fail to see ROI, have a bad experience with an agency, or simply dismissed it as passe? If you aren’t using paid search, or haven’t considered giving it a second shot, you’re missing out on a […]

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Brands Caught in the Crossfire

What happens when your brand finds itself caught in the middle of a very touchy subject? This recently happened with Delta Airlines in the wake of the Parkland school shootings. After the incident, Delta wanted to stop offering discounts to NRA members. On the surface this seemed like a good […]

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